Breandán: June 4th – June 15th

This course is named after St Brendan the Explorer, and along with our usual activities there will be a small element of leadership and navigation skills for the students to try out. This is done through a range of fun “mini challenges” to get the students speaking, hearing and enjoying using Irish. This course begins on the bank holiday Monday and will be open to students currently in 1st and 2nd year.

Gráinne Mhaol: June 18th – June 29th

This course is named after Gráinne Mhaol, ”The Sea Queen of Connacht” and along with our usual activities, there will be some “mini challenges” focusing on leadership and communication. This course will be open to students currently in 1st and 2nd year.

Crean: 2rd July – 13th July

This course is named after Tom Crean, the Antarctic explorer and along with our usual timetable, there will be some mini challenges focusing on teamwork. The course is designed exclusively for students who have just completed 5th or 6th class to help develop a solid and lasting foundation before they progress to second level.

Lir: 6th August – 17th August

The Lir course is named after Lir, the ancient Celtic god of the sea. These two weeks are focused on boosting confidence in Irish before returning to school. There will be two groups, those who have just finished 5th and 6th class & students just finished 1st and 2nd year. Each group will be limited to 16 students, to allow for a personalised experience where students are guaranteed the attention they need. The primary and second level groups will operate independently of each other. Through fun activities, students will have the opportunity to practice their Irish, build their confidence & spoken ability and develop a love for the language. This course is ideal for students who are making the transition from primary to secondary level, for students looking for a fun way to "catch up" or simply for those wanting to return to the classroom fresh from benefits of using Irish for two weeks.