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Student, Newpark College

Is brea liom Moontour. Is maith liom mo chairde nua. Is breá liom ag seaschéaslóireacht agus ag cadhcáil. Bhí an spórt go deas! Go raibh maith agat!


Student, Rockford

It’s a very good way to learn Irish. I’ve learned so much more Irish. The kayaking and photography were really interesting. The céilís were good craic as well.


Student, Newpark College

I liked doing kayaking and paddleboarding. I made new friends and I did things I hadn’t done. I learnt more Irish and it really improved. It was really fun.


Student, Blackrock College

I loved this camp because of all the people and the instructors. They are extremely experienced and helpful. I have improved my Irish a lot, which I thought would not happen and I have made many new friends.


Student, Loreto Abbey Dalkey

I definitely improved my Irish a lot, and I also learned stuff like kayaking, paddleboarding and a lot more. I have loads of new friends too! I really think people would like this course because you learn Irish by having fun and not by sitting in a classroom.


Student, Coláiste Chraobh Abhann

I think that this course was really good because you learn Irish through fun sports. I really enjoyed the water sports, especially paddleboarding. I’ve made a lot of new friends and experienced new sports.


Student, Newpark College

I really liked this course. I was speaking a lot of Irish at home during my time on this course. I’ve never done water sports before but I really enjoyed them. I really loved it!


Student, Loreto Foxrock

The course was proper good. The instructors were all really positive and made everything really fun. We had a good range of activities. I would recommend this course.


Student, St Conleth's College

I really liked the course and the stuff we did in the water and everything we did indoors. I find it will really help me in learning Irish.


Student, St Michael's College

Moontour was the best summer camp I ever went on. I would recommend it to all my friends


Student, Blackrock College

I saw a big improvement in my oral Irish and my overall Irish.


Student, St Mac Dara's

I enjoyed this camp because I made a massive improvement with my Irish and I made loads of new friends.


Student, Holy Child Killiney

Is breá liom Moontour! Tá an spóirt uisce agus ióga go hiontach! D’fhoghlaim mé a lán Gaeilge. I used to not like Irish but coming here made it a lot more fun and easier. Go raibh maith agat Moontour.


Student, St Joseph of Cluny

I really enjoyed the whole camp. I have learnt so much more Irish. I am really happy. I had so much fun. My Mum and Dad are really happy with it too! Go raibh míle maith agat!!!


Student, Terenure College

Thaitin an cúrsa go mór liom. D’fhoghlaim mé a lán Gaeilge mar bhí mé ag caint a lán Gaeilge. It made it easier to caint as Gaeilge. I didn’t realise this course was new because I thought it was very professional and well run. The teachers were really nice and good fun. Their methods were very good. I would recommend it!


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